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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Wireless earbuds are becoming the new normal when it comes to mobile audio solutions, and it’s easy to see why. Take your charged earbuds out of their charged portable dock for up to eleven hours on a single charge then pop them back in to charge when you get to work. It’s a simple concept that just works, these audio gadgets show no sign of slowing down when it comes to consumers adopting the Bluetooth-powered tech.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus fits your ear perfectly, managing to block out and isolate you from distracting noises whilst still being able to listen out for your coffee order, for example. If you’re looking for a stronger balance between your audio and the outside world, Ambient Aware 2 strikes that balance perfectly.

Three minutes of charging gives users one hour of playtime time, which is great for commuters who forgot to charge up their Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus the night before. IF you’re more organized than the PC Guide team, you can enjoy up to eleven hours worth of playback time on a full charge. Your charging case will also give up to an extra eleven hours of playback time. There’s enough time for most day-to-day commutes, and even the long haul with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

Guess how many microphones these buds have? Wrong, three! There are two external and one internal that are fine-tuned to isolate your voice from outside interference and noise. There are no worries about having a typical hands-free faint voice with these buds, which are also Android and iOS compatible (app download for iOS required).

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