How To Copy Text From A Picture on iOS 15

Copy text from any picture using Live Text

how to copy text from a picture iOS 15

iOS 15 is proving to be a bounty of brand new features for iPhone users. Although features such as FaceTime screen sharing are still not in the public release, Live Text is becoming a handy feature for all.

Have you ever taken a picture of a sign or piece of information to make a note of a phone number and thought “I wish I could just copy and paste the information from this picture onto my notes”? Well, now you can!


How To Copy Text From A Picture iOS 15

ow to copy text from a picture iOS 15

Let’s cut to the chase, here’s how to copy text from a picture iOS 15 using the Live Text feature:


Take A Picture

First, you’ll be needing a clear picture with some juicy information on it. Maybe a menu or business sign? Great! Now, if the text is a little small, use the pinch-zoom gesture on your iPhone to get a nice clear visual of the information you’ll need to copy and paste.


Copy And Paste

how to copy text from a picture iOS 15

Just like highlighting text normally, hold your finger above the body of text you wish to copy to highlight it. Select ‘Copy’ from the pop-up menu and paste it into any app that supports it. Notes, GDocs, Messenger, or whatever is relevant.

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