Waze Launches Mindful Driving With Headspace Experience

Featuring headspaces director of Meditation, Eve Lewis Prieto

Headspace Experience Waze

No one likes being stuck in rush hour traffic or behind a Sunday driver on a Tuesday. Watching your estimated time of arrival climb on your SatNav when hitting unexpected roadworks really is annoying. The thing is, these situations aren’t helping your physical and mental health. With more drivers on the road now thanks to relaxed Covid-19 guidelines worldwide, depression, stress, blood pressure, back, and hip issues are set to increase.

Waze, the Google-owned user-powered satellite navigation app has teamed up with Headspaces’ very own director of meditation, Eve Lewis Prieto to help users focus on the road and keep calm when driving. The free navigation app has launched a Headspace Experience on Waze, which is ‘designed to help drivers learn how to find more joy and meaning on the road’. Eve has recorded custom prompts for the mode, which is filtered by five moods – Aware, Bright, Hopeful, Joyful, and Open. There’s even an option to change out the car icon for a chilled-out hot air balloon ride instead.

What Does Eve Think About Headspace Experience On Waze?

Eve was interviewed regarding the partnership on Medium.com, when asked about users being hesitant to start a mindfulness practice and how Headspace experience on Waze can help, she said the following:

You really can practice mindfulness no matter what it is you are doing — it’s about tuning into our moment-to-moment experiences with a soft and open mind. That said, this does take some practice and we often need reminding to come back to the present moment.

The good news is that you can start using the Headspace experience on Waze to learn ways to cultivate a more aware, open, and curious mind by bringing your attention to the task of driving by letting go of emotions that are not serving you and engaging the senses.

Headspace Experience on Waze also features a curated Spotify playlist that will further help focus on the open road. We’ve all drove to a destination on autopilot, which isn’t the best-case scenario for everyone. Anything that keeps people safe whilst looking after their mental health is good in our book!

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