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Where to find the Oculus Quest 2 Competitor

Where to buy HTC Flow Feature

Touted as the final realization of the HTC Proton, a tethered and standalone small form factor prototype VR handset, HTC Vive Flow is getting a full reveal on October 14th at 8 AM PDT / 3 PM GMT. HTCs ‘Go with the Flow’ event is jumping ahead of the Facebook Connect event on October 28th, which is also set to reveal the next iteration of their standalone VR headset, Quest 2.

HTC Set To Become Oculus Quest 2 Competition?

HTC has won VR enthusiasts’ hearts with the HTC Vive, a brilliant tethered alternative to Oculus Rift, alongside two new headset releases already this year. The recently released HTC Vive Focus 3 is a cracking headset with 5K resolution and standalone computing, but it’s a high-ticket business VR headset that’s coming in at around $1470 currently.

The HTC Proton was revealed as a ‘work in progress’ glasses VR headset. Whilst it definitely has a smaller form factor, we can clearly see cameras behind the glasses’ lenses. Most likely used for hand and field tracking, it looks like this is the earliest look we’ve got of the HTC flow. If we couple this with the glasses case-style container in the events promotional image, it makes complete sense to make a solid prediction that the HTC Flow will be a small form factor glasses/goggle hybrid headset.

On the other side of the fence, tethered VR gaming and experiences are still going strong. Vive Pro 2 is a monster, providing laser-accurate room-scale tracking, 5K graphic support, wide-angle 120-degree field of view, and support for real-world item tracking with the VIVE tracker 3.0 for a cool $1399.00 for the full kit preorder.

Where To Buy HTC Vive Flow

Click the links below to find out where to buy HTC Flow:

US: Amazon/Best Buy/Target

UK: Amazon/Currys

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