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Looking back at the first best smart fridge, the LG Internet Digital DIOS, back in June 2000 shows how far the IoT has worked its way into our everyday appliances gradually. This first best smart fridge cost around $20,000 and was a commercial failure, mostly because no one could justify nearly a year’s salary on a product that didn’t really innovate.

Fast-Forward to 2021 and most main-band fridge-freezers over $2,500 have some form of Wi-Fi connectivity. From controlling sections of your best smart fridge based on the products stored to take a look inside your best smart fridge remotely, they’ve come a long way in 20 years.

Whilst the gimmick stigma still remains for smart features on some kitchen appliances such as the best smart fridge, smart features come as a bonus. Big tech manufacturers such as LG and Samsung have learned not to push the best smart fridge because Google will tell you if the door is open. Instead, they concentrate on using smart features to make users’ lives simpler and more efficient. Great minds think alike, as we feel quality of life features make the best smart fridge.

Products at a Glance

Best Overall Value
Best Features
Best Innovation

How We Chose Our Best Smart Fridges

Whilst a best smart fridge isn’t really inclusive of budgets, there is a bit of flexibility between $2.5K – $5k. Also, it depends on what you use your fridge for. For example, a fridge with cameras and quick access doors is a great option for bigger families and busy professionals. ON the other hand, enhanced temperature control and quick freezing are going to come in really handy for avid cooks and users who predominantly buy fresh produce regularly. We’ve tried to think about the best smart fridge that has something for everyone.

Our Recommended

Best Smart Fridge in 2021

Best Overall Value

Alexa-powered Family Hub Functionality

Plan meals based on what’s in your fridge


Some features may not be needed for single users

So it’s getting on for dinner time, the kids are arguing in the front room and you’ve forgotten to plan a meal. This is just one of many situations where Samsung Family Hub comes in handy. With Alexa built-in, you can use your Alexa compatible devices alongside the full HD 21.5-inch screen to control your home whilst slaving away in the kitchen. 

The built-in meal planner and an internal camera make last-minute meal preparation a breeze, no more fridge bingo. Users can use this, whilst streaming a playlist from their Spotify playlist through its 25-watt speakers. Are the kids still playing up? Open your security camera system via the best smart fridge screen to check on them whilst keeping an eye on that pan boiling over. 

With big families in mind, Samsung takes full advantage of the centers of their fridges with their ‘Space Max’ feature. This best smart fridge has full-width draws with enough room for platters and prepared food for maximum convenience. The best smart fridge ultimately needs to keep food cold and preserved, which is why the all-around cooling feature provides even cooling in every part of the fridge.

Best Features

Samsung – 23 cu. ft. Smart Counter Depth 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator


Alexa-powered Family Hub Functionality

Versatile cooling and flexible storage


Overkill for some users

The Samsung Family Hub is a brilliant proposition for making the most out of your best smart bridge. Even small families or single users can enjoy the streaming and meal preparation features Family Hub has to offer. But for users who really want a versatile cooling solution that can adapt to keeping various foods for big cook-offs, the four-door flex is going to be worth the extra money in the long term.

The beverage center is built internally and uses the internal dispenser or fills a built-in pitcher if needed. It even allows flavor infusion too, which goes great with the internal ice-dispenser (normal or nugget, according to Samsung). The FlexZone feature allows the lower-right storage to serve as either the best smart fridge or freezer. It comes with five preset temperature controls.

The premium cooling system features three evaporators which allow for precise temperature and humidity controls in all three zones. Long story short, food stays fresher for longer. The deodorizing filter takes the whiff out of smelly food, with UV technology used to clean the filter itself. This really is a self-sufficient best smart fridge.

Best Innovation

LG SmartThinQ

Multiple cooling loss prevention technologies


Door-in-Door feature may not be necessary for some

Whilst other brands use their best smart fridges to bring standard smart home hub features to their best smart fridge, LG specializes in design, with smart features growing out of necessity. With this in mind, “Door-in-Door” technology makes a lot of sense. It allows this best smart fridge to store users’ most used items in an outer door, making sure temperature drops are minimal.

InstaView builds on this idea by allowing users to see what’s in the outer door without opening the fridge, just knock on the window twice to illuminate. Other technology such as ‘Door Cooling+’ and ‘ColdSaver Panel’ concentrating on preventing the loss of cold air to ensure food stays fresher for longer.

The tall ice and water dispenser fits almost any kind of container, which is complemented by LGs ‘Slim SpacePlus’ ice system. It allows for more shelf space, not that anyone would struggle with 26 cubic feet of storage space. LG SmartThinQ tech makes this best smart fridge controllable remotely, anywhere at any time. Simply open the app to make this best smart fridge your own.

Café – ENERGY STAR® 27.4 Cu. Ft. Smart Quad-Door Refrigerator


App alerts when the temperature rises

AutoFill filtered water


Less smart features than its competition

Avid cookers and entertainers need their best smart fridges to cater to their needs. Said needs could change at any point, which is a challenge when using a standard fridge. The best smart fridge isn’t defined just by being able to hook up with your trust smart home hub, but by how it manages its storage space. 

This best smart fridge is featured for its ‘tailored refrigeration options’, a fully convertible zone with advanced temperature settings. From fresh food to full freeze, this best smart fridge looks after every type of food users throw in it. Also, each zone has its own evaporators, which maintain the best environments to keep a user’s food fresh.

It builds on its 27.4 cubic feet of storage space with an ‘in-the-door’ icemaker, making for more storage space whilst giving this best smart fridge a great form factor. Café is really keen on not waiting around for a glass of filtered water too. Its dispenser AutoFill button uses sensors to dispense the right amount of water, which also senses your proximity and auto illuminates.


Built-in brewing dispenser

Voice commands


Smaller storage space than the competition

It’s practically a given that a high-end best smart fridge has a water dispenser in some shape or form. The same goes for ice dispensers, crushed or normal. How about a built-in coffee machine? That’s right, this best smart fridge uses the Keurig Brewing System so that users can safely counter space and make a great cup of coffee from their best smart fridge. 

This is one of the features users can control through the GE Kitchen App, alongside maintaining high and low temperatures via real-time app notifications. Its water filtration uses an RPWFE filter, a pharmaceutical-level water filtration filter that provides the purest water imaginable. This best smart fridge screams surgical precision with its LED-lit full-width draws, which are also temperature controlled electronically. In fact, LED lighting is strategically placed throughout the best smart fridge to spotlight a user’s food.

A quick space shelf slides out of the way when needed to make room for taller items, making adding and removing shelving a thing of the past. This feature is complemented by extra door storage when you need it and folds away when it doesn’t. Its turbo cool setting makes up for multiple door openings and ensures the best smart fridge environment maintains a steady temperature.

Again, it’s really hard to find a budget-best smart fridge. These products are premium, and in most cases, you get what you pay for. From checking a recipe to maintaining optimal temperatures for multiple pre-made dishes, the best smart fridges are becoming a great addition to people’s homes.

Things To Consider

Is consistent cooling a big deal?

It’s always a great idea to have a nest smart fridge that keeps its content cool, that’s why you bought one in the first place. But, people who use a lot of fresh produce or meat will benefit from smart fridges with temperature control features to get the most shelf life out of their food.

Why do I need smart features on a fridge/freezer?

Well, that depends on your lifestyle. If you eat out a lot, don’t need to store a lot of food, or have a bed-sit style home setup, then probably not. Smart features in smart fridges are there to make family life and food management easier.

What is Door-In-Door?

This is a feature mostly found in LG smart fridges. It’s a secondary compartment on the front door of a fridge that holds your most used food items. It’s designed to make sure your main fridge storage isn’t warming up by opening and closing the main doors.

Our Verdict

Best Overall Value

Samsungs 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub is a great deal for most users. It features 28 cubic feet of wide temperature-controlled storage with every possible smart feature you can think of. The best of all? It’s currently the cheapest best smart fridge on this list. If you can afford around $2,500 for a fridge with a really cool HD screen slapped on the front of it that has multiple functions, pick this best smart fridge up. We mean to buy it, please don’t try to lift it on your own.


For all things smart home, don’t forget to bookmark our smart home hub.

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