iOS 15 Apple CarPlay Not Working – How To Fix

Get your CarPlay working with these fixes

ios 15 carplay not working

iOS 15 has had its fair share of issues since its launch with users experiencing errors galore and features simply not working. One of the features that iPhone 13 users seem to be having a problem with is Apple CarPlay which is crashing when trying to play songs.

That’s what we’re focusing on in this article, fixes for the iOS 15 Apple CarPlay not working issue, hopefully helping you get the feature back up and running as quickly as possible.


iOS 15 Apple CarPlay Not Working - How To Fix

ios 15 carplay

There’s no definitive answer for fixing Apple CarPlay not working in iOS 15 but there are some different ideas you can try to get the job done. Let’s go through some potential iOS 15 Apple CarPlay fixes.


Make sure CarPlay is enabled when locked

Even though you might have CarPlay enabled on your device, having it enabled while your phone is locked is a whole separate option. To see if this is turned on, head to Settings > General > CarPlay. You should see an Allow CarPlay While Locked option. Ensure this is toggled on.


Forget and re-establish CarPlay connection

If you’re having troubles with songs skipping or the connection cutting out altogether, you may have to re-establish your CarPlay connection. To do this, forget your current pairing by going to Settings > General > CarPlay and selecting the vehicle currently connected. Tap the Forget This Car option and then reconnect to start anew.


Update your iPhone

With iOS 15 being fresh of the software line, there are a bunch of updates pushed out on a regular basis. Ensure your device is fully up to date by going to Settings > General > Software Update and install the latest update if one is available.


Restart iPhone

When in doubt, blame the issue on your phone being on for too long. Restart your device to rule this out from being an issue.

If none of the above issues haven’t resolved your iOS 15 Apple CarPlay not working issue, you might simply have to wait until Apple releases a full fix. This may come in the highly anticipated iOS 15.1 update set to come in the next few days.

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