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When is Minecraft not Minecraft? When it's Minecraft Dungeons of course. But can your current PC run it to it's full potential?
With over 20 millions players The Sims is one of the best single-player franchises of all time. But can you run it on your PC?
Find out if your PC is up to some high-octane action
Find out what PC you need to run Back 4 Blood
What you'll need to run Windows 11
Find out if your gaming PC supports Elden Ring!
Find out if your gaming PC can handle the new CoD Vanguard!
Made for the Nintendo Switch but also arriving on the PC in early 2022, what spec machine are you going to need to get the most from it?
Speeding around the giant arena in your tiny car trying to 'head' a massive soccer ball. But can your PC handle the pressure of Rocket League?
If you want to make complex 3D models with the latest version of Autodesk's Fusion 360, then you need to see if you current computer is up to the job.
Get ready to kick some schoolgirl ass... yeah that doesn't sound great but at least see if you PC can run the game.
Take to the skies in a juddery, jerky mess. Is it your plane or is it your PC? Let's find out.
Find out if your PC can run Far Cry 6
Take to the skies and live our your Tom Cruise fantasy - as long as your PC can feel the need for speed just like Maverick did. Let's find out shall we?
Does your PC meet the recommended specs for Fifa 22?
X Plane 11 has been honed and polished for a couple of years now, but to get the best from it you are still going to need a decent PC
Amazon Games' New World has caused a right old storm with a huge number of players, but can you join them? Is your PC good enough to play?
One of the best free first-person shooters ever made, Apex Legends is worth a place on any PC, but can yours run it?
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