The all-new Razer Enki Gaming Chair Line is available right now

There's even a budget option available, here's everything you need to know

Razer Enki Feature

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Razer has today announced and released their new Enki gaming chair line to accompany their Iskur gaming chair. Cutting up the gaming chair market with the Razer Enki X budget model at £299/$299 and the premium Razer Enki model at £399/$399, Razer is offering something for everyone starting today.

Razer Enki Gaming Chair Specifications

There’s some great specification for both Razer Enki variants out of the box, such as a nice wide shoulder and built-in lumbar arches to cover some key support areas for those long gaming sessions. The Enki X is lacking some novelty features, but it’s nice having the option to have 4D armrests and tilt mechanisms instead of them being forced on consumers alongside a high price tag. Here are some key features for both lines:

There are some great features for those who pay £100 more

As for specifics, we’ve got PVC leather which is padded out with high-density molded foam. This allows for premium support whilst making sure the overall feel of Razer Enki is comfortable yet hard-wearing, here’s the full rundown for the Razer Enki:

We wouldn’t want a partially sculpted lumbar support, would we?

Razer Enki Gaming Chair Features

There’s plenty of features that make the Razer Enki the go-to gaming chair this fall. The built-in lumbar support removes the irritation of traditional strap-on lumbar cushions sliding around, ensuring maximum comfort for hours. The molded foam cushioning hardness varies within the Razer Enki too, with the back support sporting 75-grade foam and the seat rocking a more comfortable 60-grade.

The dual-textured (eco-friendly) synthetic leather gives users a good mix of comfort whilst making sure Razer Enki will look great for near-infinite gaming sessions to come. A thicker, textured center synthetic leather strip rests nicely along the spine, with a cross-hatched back-supported design framed by smooth outer edges. It might not sound like a big deal, but these features all add up when considering healthy posture and back support.

Regardless of being at your desk or kicking back on a handheld, Razer Enki has a 152-degree recline and a reactive seat tilt, making this gaming chair adaptable to most situations. Yes, we’re telling you to have a lie-down and play your Nintendo Switch. 4D armrests are a big advantage, thanks to their multiple adjustment positions, but 2D armrests also get the job done with the Razer Enki X. Finally, the headrest is a full plush memory foam head cushion that holds a curved form for possibly the most comfortable head support experience you could ask for.

Razer Enki Gaming Chair – Where To Buy

You can find the Razer Enki gaming chair over on Razer’s dedicated page. Once again, the Enki is $399 and Enki X is $299 in the US.

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